Art and the Resistance

Since their start in 2016, it’s clear that Art and the Resistance are swinging hard for the fences. It’s right in their name, where in their band logo both the word “Art” and the “is” in “Resistance” are highlighted as if to say that the “Art Is” literally in the Resistance. The group specializes in dramatic tales of personal journeys with songs like “The Desert,””No Coming Back,” and “Seasons” from their 2018 debut album “From The Shadows,” But 2020 saw them pivot and release a bilingual Norteño/ Reggae ska-influenced rocker “Gusano (The Medicine Man)” that not only served as a mirror of their Bakersfield, CA roots but also a reminder of how the band refuses to limit itself. In April of 2021, the group released the video for their 2020 song “Serenity,” where -- much like their videos for “No Coming Back,””Letters” (directed by the acclaimed Paul Gervasi) and their heavy cover of Chris Isaak’s smoldering noir classic “Wicked Game” -- the band expertly employed their visuals to reflect the drama, mystery and turbulence in their music.  In April 2022 the band was featured on NO COVER. NO COVER is the first reality competition show to pit the world’s top unsigned artists against each other that actually write, record and play their own original music. Judges consist of Alice Cooper, Gavin Rossdale (BUSH), Bishop Briggs, Lzzy Hale (HALESTORM)  &  Tosin Abasi (Animals as Leaders). later in 2022 the band released and recorded the song “CELOSA” an all Spanish Rock en Español song with Guitar legend "Cesar EL Vampiro Lopez" best known for his work with Mexican Rock Superstars “Mana & Jaguares”. In October 2023 the band surprised the world with a unique take of a classic Rock en Español hit “Lobo Hombre en Paris”, which serves as a gateway into their sophomore album “Of the Sun Y La Luna”, to be released in 2024. 

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The Bakersfield Californian 

“The first impression one gathers from singer Art Machuca is size. With his intimidating 6-foot-3 frame and thick black chest-length beard, he looks like a heavy-metal lumberjack.

But once he starts speaking, you recognize the softer demeanor behind that big mountain of a man. He listens attentively and answers questions thoughtfully; the guy exudes an effortless soul.


All of that, however, is blasted into orbit once he steps onstage and lets that huge voice rip. Belting out notes like a cross between his idols Robert Plant and Chris Cornell, the reaction is, ‘Whoa! Who opened up the doors to Valhalla?!’ Sensitivity mixed with brute strength to create a sort of warrior’s wail.”

-- Cesareo Garasa, The Bakersfield Californian, “Art and the Resistance channel Chris Cornell’s primal wail,” June 7, 2017





Formed in Bakersfield, CA, in 2016 after a charity concert Art and the Resistance brought together unlikely local musicians to play songs written by Art himself. Over time, multiple musical styles made their way into the band's revolutionary sound, and the term poly rock was first coined.


Appealing to an audience that familiarizes themselves with the sounds of rock, pop, Latin, funk, symphonic, and prog, Art and the Resistance continues to garner attention from a fan base across the globe. Tapping into the undeniable zest of their latest single and music video release, Art and the Resistance provides us with the enticing and distressed sounds of “Serenity.”


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