Art and the Resistance

Poly-Rock Artist

Since their start in 2016, it’s clear that Art and the Resistance are swinging hard for the fences. It’s right in their name, where in their band logo both the word “Art” and the “is” in “Resistance” are highlighted as if to say that the “Art Is” literally in the Resistance.The group specializes in dramatic tales of personal journeys with songs like “The Desert,””No Coming Back,” and “Seasons” from their 2018 debut album “From The Shadows,” But 2020 saw them pivot and release a bilingual Norteño/ ska-influenced rocker “Gusano (The Medicine Man)” that not only served as a mirror of their Bakersfield, CA roots but also a reminder of how the band refuses to limit itself. In April of 2021, the group released the video for their 2020 song “Serenity,” where -- much like their videos for “No Coming Back,””Letters” (directed by the acclaimed Paul Gervasi) and their heavy cover of Chris Isaak’s smoldering noir classic “Wicked Game” -- the band expertly employed their visuals to reflect the drama, mystery and turbulence in their music. 

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Meet the band

Art Machuca

Vocals | Guitars | Harmonica

Inspirations: Black Sabbath, Bunbury, Audioslave. 


“Road take me home cause the stage is the only place I can be my self. No matter the miles from here to there singing my songs just to heal my soul.”

John Calanchini

Keyboard | Keyboard Accessories

Inspirations: Queen,Rammstein, Ghost.

“Sit up,  get on your feet Put on your shoes and hit the street . You might wake up one day To find times left you behind. It’s time to start right now!”

Gilbert Machuca

Bass guitar | Vocals

Inspirations: Maná, Black Sabbath, Juan Calleros


" We play these tasty songs because we can, they say we'll never make it in a rock and roll band, don't care what you think of me, we keep on rollin' "

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